< Spatula???

tattoo this on my chest please 

What if Boyfriend were marshmallows?

IF BOyfriend were marshmallows Donghyun would be those strawberry ones you get around valentines day shaped like hearts! because he is a caring and loving leader

Hyunseong would be those fruity mallow ones that come in four different flavours! because he has a lot of different sides to them and i think they are so pretty when you see them all combined and theyre not for everyone but people who like them tend to LOVE them

Jeongmin would be those mega marshmallows! NOT ONLY COS HE REminds me of them but because hes so fun and loving and has such a big personality he fits those well

Youngmin would be those delicious french vanilla ones, they are so good and i dont know a person who doesnt like them! and they fit his sweet image well

Kwangmin would be the gingerbread ones you get around christmas! because YOU JUST WANNA EAT THE WHOLE BAG ITS HARD TO STOP URSELF WHEN U EAT THOSE And you can never get enough of kwangmin

minWOO would be mini marshmallows of course because hes …minwoo! and even though they are small and nothing fancy those are the best to put on hot chocolate because they get all melty and when you drink the hot chocolate you can slide all those half melted gooey marshmallows into ur mouth ANd that is just the best feeling 

cool things ive accomplish so far

  • eric nam thinks i am amazing
  • led apple’s hanbyul thinks im amazing AND funny
  • DGNA’s Lee Injun liked my fb photo

yall lee injun just liked my fb phOTO IM LAUGHING SO HARD MY DOPPLEGANGER

all I know is his brother was in the army in 2012 (has no idea if he has finished or not)

thats all I know as well!!I JUST I WANT HIM TO SHow somewhere just so i can see if they got the same mouth


whatcha got there kwangmin



Junior YOUbin [SC 2011.05.06]

WHATS HYunseong's brother's name

I DO NOT KNOW AND IM NOT SUre if he has ever said his name ?

tHE THANKS TO SECTIONS he writes list like 1000000 people and its doesnt help half of them say hyung after the name the best shot i think might be in janus? but i cant find a trans for it

if anyone actually knows plEASE TELL ME COS i would love to know too 

im gonna see shrek the musical what are U doing on UR friday